Purple, green, haha

Purple, green, haha blue/black flipiing and wiling in the true blue yellow high man yep it’s coming, what you doing in the red of the zone it’s going south fast, don’t you know. The people down there are dying in the fiery red light of the high type zone Nihon in the yatzee in the paper pad it’s like up from the sky in the star place it’s in the yellow interview. Coming in through the paper it was cut a hole with a tongue and made an eyehole, don’t let it fool you they want to taste as much as look, the feeling its true more true when the senses are connected that’s why the grey goop won’t work, that’s why the dead chopped up people won’t take over it’s in the red zone of the big red crater planet where there is no life where we want it; we don’t want to be alone like a trashbag caught in the sidewalk hand brought up through the grates of the sewers and grabbed the bag with a dozen eggs unsheathed and gleaming wet heavy with time and yolk. They don’t crack don’t crack don’t crack. If we don’t want to be alone then we also don’t want this. We’d rather be broken than held. We’d rather have an enemy than nothing at all, but so, isn’t it? Lovely mess like soup of yellow and the other colors too that make you sick to your stomach when the rain comes and you have no coat and no umbrella and no hat and no protection at all and you’re caught in the storm and you incredilously weep because you can’t move and can’t stray and can’t change your life. You’re wet and shamed and endlessly it is full of water – that is you are and you know it so why do the tears bite? and why does the rain singe? Can you find no love in your heart that can’t be locked away going away through the canyon riding away on a rockity horse that is falling apart at the bolts, it’s wooden heart overheating and burning like a fired-nut. Can you see the cross burning? it’s all there in the high sky if you look, all that is inside you is up there in the unified field and if your mind opens then it all comes flooding in and what separates you from the high is nothing and what the sky was is everything and you are everything and you are no longer on the ground and no longer anywhere because you are everywhere, but you look alone. This is the power of expansion and turning down the ridden and the repeatable and changing your mind to the new; you’ve got to get off your tracks, off them and on to the wide open grassy field where the dragons roam and steampunk trains can fly through the air, that is where you should be and also big buildings with scripts you can read and sometimes they aren’t there, but that’s OK. When you reach these places it is with a good heart, no heart attacks and all soul just like grroooooovvvvyyyyy babbby, and suddenly you’re somewhere new.

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