Music Soaked Ebook Available

Hi Reader!

Just wanted to point your attention to my new book page that will have links to all of my works and where you can get them.


The collection of short stories that I posted on this website over the summer have been collected into an ebook for ease of use. It’s free of charge at smashwords, and I wish it was free at Amazon, but they have a 99 cent minimum that you can only get around if people tell them there is a lower price somewhere else. I’ve done that, but I think it will need to get a little more attention from others for Amazon to notice.

As it is you can still buy it from Amazon, and if you want to throw me a few cents then please go ahead, but if you want to add it to your kindle library for free use the link on the books page on Amazon to tell them to lower the fricken price.

So that’s it.

– Sayonara

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